Starter Springtail Culture

Springtail is the common name for a group of minute insects belonging to the order Collembola. Excellent supplemental feeder insects, most darts simply love them. Excellent feeder for small or freshly morphed frogs!

The Temperate springtail cultures sold at JL-Exotics are the common Folsomia candida species.  The F. candida sprintails are all female and are parthenogenetic (i.e. they self fertilize their own eggs).  Each female will lay 30-50 eggs that require ~ 1 week to hatch and another 3-4 weeks to reach maturity.  We strongly recommend using the JL-Exotics powdered springtail food with your springtail cultures.  Feeding your cultures every 3-5 days with a light dusting of JL-Exotics powdered food will result in BOOMING cultures. 

Starter Springtail Culture
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