Splendid Leaf Frog - Cruziohyla calcarifer

The Splendid Leaf Frogs is the holy grail of tree frogs with big silver eyes and the amazing yellow/orange side stripes and feet.  They are quite impressive in person and one can easily see why they were given their common name! 

The animals offered for sale are captive bred.  They are well started and growing quickly on a steady diet of appropriately sized crickets.  They are too young to sex, but a sizable group is recommended if breeding is on the agenda.
  • Genus: Cruziohyla
  • Species: calcarifer
  • Locality: Colombia; Costa Rica; Ecuador; Honduras; Nicaragua; Panama
  • Age: Juveniles
  • Line: Rainforest Junkies
Splendid Leaf Frog Juveniles - Captive Bred
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