Phyllobates terribilis - 'Yellow - Black Foot'

P. terribilis originates from Columbia. The terribilis is a larger frog that does well in groups. The terribilis is also a bold and colorful frog with a beautiful call. They are aggressive feeders and will tackle prey much larger than the typical dart frog (anything they can physically subdue in fact!).


Frogs offered are captive bred, unsexed and approximately 4-6 months or older.


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  • Genus: Phyllobates
  • Species: terribilis
  • Locality: Columbia
  • Morph: 'Yellow - Black Foot'
  • Age: 6-12 months
  • Line: Tesoros de Colombia
  • Sex: Unsexed
Phyllobates terribilis - 'Yellow - Black Foot'
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