Oophaga histrionica 'Tado' - Group 2 (2.0.2)

O. histrionica are very territorial, and will do best in pairs.  Males can be very aggressive with each other and should be kept separately if fighting or stress becomes an issue.  Large vivariums (i.e >50 gallons) are highly recommended.  There are very few of the 'Tado' morph in the US.  They are not for beginners.

This group includes all 4 of the Tado pictured.  They are captive bred and produced by Tesoros de Colombia at their breeding facility in Colombia.  They were imported by JL-Exotics directly from Tesoros in June 2017.

They are nearly adult size with 2 calling males and 2 non-calling unsexed possible females.  Don't miss out on this extremely rare opportunity to work with such a stunning legally sourced and imported large obligate egg feeder!  

NOTE:  Availability of 1 indicates that only 1 group of Tado are available and all 4 of the frogs are included in the group price.  

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  • Genus: Oophaga (formerly Dendrobates)
  • Species: histrionica
  • Morph: 'Tado'
  • Line: June 2017 Tesoros de Colombia import
Oophaga histrionica 'Tado'
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