Exo Terra Decor - Elevated Outcrops


Elevated Outcrop

Basking Platform 

  • Elevated lookout & basking area
  • Decreases distance to heat and UV bulbs
  • Enlarged 3-D dwelling surface
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • Includes mounting clip

The Exo Terra Elevated Outcrop provides reptiles with an additional elevated basking area and increased 3-D dwelling space. The Elevated Outcrop enables your animals to get closer to the heat and UV emitting bulbs, maximizing UV- and thermoregulation. Reptiles and amphibians can use the Elevated Outcrop as a raised lookout as well as a safe sleeping spot, experiencing an increased feeling of safety and reduced overnight stress.


Elevated Outcrop
PT2873 Exo Terra Elevated Outcrop        Small
PT2874      Exo Terra Elevated Outcrop Medium     


Exo Terra Elevated Outcrop
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