Dendrobates tinctorius 'Powder Blue'

D. tinctorius 'Powder Blue' is a fairly common tinc morph in the US.  The Powder Blue's get their name from the light blue legs they commonly exhibit.  Interestingly, they can be found with grey legs as well.  When first imported, these frogs were separated by leg color and line bred as "Blue-legged" or Grey-legged".  There was some debate within the frog hobby about the blue vs. grey leg coloration.  Some suspected they were 2 distinct populations and should be kept separate.  Some believed it was just natural variation within a single population and that blue-legged frogs should be bred with grey-legged counterparts to maintain genentic diversity.  Adding confusion to the matter, some breeders even reported getting grey leg offspring from blue leg parents and vice versa.  Based upon eye witness reports from those that have seen this population of frogs in their native habitat, it is now accepted that the blue/grey leg phenomenon is simply variation within a single population.

The 'Powder Blue/Grey' tincs are colorful, bold, and easy to care for and breed. Typically ground dwellers, tinctorius species will enjoy a horizontal tank with plenty of floor space to explore. Regarded as a bold frog. Best kept in pairs.

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  • Genus: Dendrobates
  • Species: tinctorius
  • Locality: Suriname
  • Morph: Powder Blue
  • Age: Juvenile
Dendrobates tinctorius 'Powder Blue'
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