Dendrobates tinctorius 'Alanis'

Please Read:  Some background info on the Nabors line Alanis:

There has been talk for years about Alanis/Oelemarie/Inferalanis tincs and their origins. There has also been some speculation and question surrounding the Nabors line of Alanis. His animals and his description of the Alanis seems more in line with the Oelemarie morph.

We work with a pair of Nabors "Alanis" and WC Alanis and noticed some differences between them. Enough so, that we did some research and came across several on-line discussions on the very topic. We did more digging, talked to more long-time froggers, and got lots of head scratching and "I've always wondered about that too..." comments.

As a last resort, we contacted the primary importer of these tinctorius morphs. He immediately identified the Nabors Alanis as Oelemaries.  While it seems like there is considerable evidence that the Nabors Alanis is, in fact, the Oelemarie morph, it would be irresponsible for us to make a positive ID based upon appearance alone.  Short of genetic testing, we may never be certain on the correct ID of these beautiful frogs.

Fortunately, the Nabors line of Alanis is well represented within the hobby.  As a result, we suggest that the simple solution is that the Nabors line of Alanis be kept separate from the other Alanis lines, including the wild caught imports that have been imported in recent years (2009 - present). 

D. tinctorius 'Alanis' is not uncommon in the US.  This species was first introduced in the US around 1999.  The Alanis is reportedly named after the daughter of the exporter in Suriname.  As previously noted, the Alanis morph can be very similar in appearance to the Oelemarie, Table Mountain, and the often questioned Inferalanis morph.  The Alanis reportedly has an extensive range within Suriname, however the Oelemarie and Table Mountain morphs come from different locals and are clearly distinct morphs.  The Inferalanis has been anecdotally described as larger then the typical Alanis and a unique population, however it has also been suggested that the Inferalanis are simply frogs that showed less pattern/coloration in the initial imports and are from the same population. 

The Alanis morph is generally described as a black frog with an orange crest on the head and bright yellow patterns on the back and sides.  The Oelemarie is very similar, but lacks the orange crest, instead replaced by yellow.  Similarly, the pattern of the Oelemarie tends toward a pale creamy yellow as opposed to the bright yellow of the Alanis.

The 'Alanis' tincs are colorful, bold, and easy to care for and breed. Typically ground dwellers, tinctorius species will enjoy a horizontal tank with plenty of floor space to explore. Regarded as a bold frog. Best kept in pairs.

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  • Genus: Dendrobates
  • Species: tinctorius
  • Locality: Suriname
  • Morph: Alanis
  • Age: Juvenile
  • Line: Nabors
Dendrobates tinctorius 'Alanis'
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