Dendrobates leucomelas 'Standard - British Guyana '

It is our understanding that all of the older lines of D. leucomelas in the US originated from Venezuela stock.  Several years ago, the first imports from British Guyana arrived and these beautiful frogs were strikingly banded with black and yellow bands - in most cases lacking the spots typical of the Venezuelan standard leucs.  These leucs have been referred to as British Guyana 'Banded' leucs.  Most recently (2010/2011) several importations of D. leucomelas from British Guyana arrived in the US, but they displayed patterning (bands and spots) comparable to the old line Venezuelan frogs!  We maintain multiple bloodlines from all 3 of these leucomelas morphs.  D. leucomelas makes an excellent beginner frog. Typically ground dwellers, D. Leucomelas will enjoy a horizontal tank with plenty of floor space to explore. Regarded as a bold frog with a beautiful trilling call. Can be kept in groups if given enough space.

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  • Genus: Dendrobates
  • Species: leucomelas
  • Locality: Venezuela, Northern Brazil, both Guyana's, and Colombia
  • Morph: Nominant
  • Age: Juvenile
Dendrobates leucomelas 'Standard - British Guyana '
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