Dendrobates auratus 'Blue' - Tesoros de Colombia

The Tesoroso Blue auratus is another smaller auratus morph from northern colombia.  These auratus are not "blue" in the traditional sense, but generally have a green/turquiose body coloration with black lines and spots.  When viewed at the right angle they do appear to have a blue sheen to them.  They also tend to have blue toes and blue bellies!  They do well in groups and are quite bold when kept in a proper set-up.

Frogs offered are captive bred, unsexed and approximately 5-9 months or older.  Sexed pairs are frequently available.


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  • Genus: Dendrobates
  • Species: auratus
  • Locality: Columbia
  • Morph: 'Blue'
  • Age: Juveniles are 2-3 months, Sub-adults are 7-10 months, Unsexed unless otherwise indicated
  • Line: JL-Exotics via Tesoros de Colombia
Dendrobates auratus 'Blue' - Tesoros de Colombia
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