Oophaga pumilio 'Isla Popa - Green'

This morph of D. pumilio is typically seen with a green back and brown or light blue legs and underbelly.  The 2011 import contained a mix of green, golden, mustard yellow, and even a few orange specimens.  They are all stunning in person.  There was a small import of green popa pumilio in ~ 2007 via SNDF, however CB offspring have been very rare to date.

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  • Genus: Oophaga (formerly Dendrobates)
  • Species: Pumilio
  • Locality: Panama
  • Morph: Isla Popa - Green
  • Age: Unsexed Adults - suspect 1.2 or 0.3 from proven groups
  • Line: 2011 FR Import (Strictly Reptiles)
Oophaga pumilio 'Isla Popa' - Green
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